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Windsurfing equipment
in Prasonisi Center in season 2019

As every year, we completely changed our equipment for a brand new, all from 2019 year!
As mentioned previously, all our windsurfing rental equipment has been upgraded this season.

We have prepared 160 Starboard and Fanatic windsurfing boards and 280 Duotone and Severne Sails.
The models and quantities have been ordered based on our experience from previous seasons so that each and every one of our customers can select the type of equipment that suits them best.


  • All the masts are recommended by the producer, contains minimum 70% carbon are the most appropriate for our sails.
  • From this season North Sails change the name for Duotone – but no worries, the quality is the same or even higher than before!
  • Starboard iSonic in sizes: 113l and 118l – available for tests, for people who loves speed!
  • Totally new Starboard A.I.R! For wave sailors, but good on a flat water as well. Available size: 83l.

Freestyle Wave boards

Fanatic Freewave STB

This fantastic board has replaced previous classic Fanatic FreeWave.
Incredible combination of Stubby and Freewave makes this board the best hybrid, which brings huge satisfaction and a lot of fun!
Fast, maneuverable, bump&jump oriented. Goes planning very quickly, so it’s going to be your new favorite toy!
Available sizes: 85l, 95l, 105l

Starboard A.I.R. Flax Balsa

Amazing, working in all conditions board! Perfect for people searching for diversity. With such a short tail, the bat-shape tail outline allows us to maximize fin grip, avoid cavitation while keeping the area behind the fins floaty yet as short as possible, all in the goal to maximize reactivity and maneuverability.
Available size: 83l.

Starboard Ultrakode

The ultra-allrounder: thruster, quad or twin, sideshore, onshore, small or big waves. This is perfect board designed by Starboard’ Dream Team – the best windsurfers in the world! Works really good in every condition! You have to check it out!
Available size: 80l.

Starboard Kode FreeWave Flax Balsa

The best combination of wave, freestyle and freeride boards. Perfect for surfers looking for versatile, comfortable in each conditions board. Fast, stable and maneuverability – that’s all you need!
Available sizes: 86, 94, 103 and 109l

Freestyle boards

Fanatic Skate TE

The Skate TE is the full carbon board of 9x Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo. 
Crazy acceleration, top speeds and explosive pop happen in seconds, so every gust counts for you to pick the right spot and unleash your rotations. There are no limits to your creativity with this board of a champion. It all makes that it could be your favorite board even if you’re not Pro yet!
Available sizes: 92l, 99l, 108l

Starboard Flare Carbon

Very stable, quick reacting, really good for less and more advanced freestylers!
Perfectly balanced and aggressive enough to invite their riders to go for bigger, faster and more difficult tricks with confidence while being forgiving enough to help them stick every move.
Available size: 93l

Freeride boards

Starboard Futura Carbon

The test-winning freerace board of 2018!!
Perfect for technical windsurfers looking for the impossible: maximum speed mixed with comfort, control and jibing precision!
Available sizes: 97, 107, 117, 127, 137

Fanatic Blast LTD

A freeride revolution! Totally new shape, parallel rails and catted nose has proven to be exceptionally beneficial in its early planning performance, control, and ease of use.
Very fast, works perfect in every condition. Smooth turns, huge control and great fun – it all makes that this board achieve great success. Dedicated to advanced windsurfers.
Available sizes: 100, 115, 130l

Fanatic Jag LTD

Jag is a slalom board set free from the racecourse! Dedicated for each riders whose racecourse is an open see! It is a kind of board that has more likeable character than a real slalom.
Thanks to narrower width, smaller tail cut-outs and flatter rocker line Jag is more controllable, easier and more rewarding board to gybe than any other slalom boards.
Available sizes: 108, 125, 135

Fanatic Gecko HRS i LTD

This is the most user-friendly board ever!
The general concept behind the Gecko is wider, thinner and with less volume. These attributes offer a great deal of balance and stability for easy gybing, as well as a fun responsive feeling beneath your feet.
Great for intermediate surfers who are focused on progress and achieving new skills. Advanced users will be very surprised with the properties of this board.
Just step on, hook in and get ready for a whole lot of fun!
Available sizes: 100l, 110l, 120l, 133l, 146l, 156l, Soft Deck 156l

Slalom boards

Starboard iSonic Carbon

The top of the tops! A board for champions! Has been standing on the highest step of the PWA podium for many years!
Fast racing machine designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range - maximum efficiency.
Available sizes: 113l, 118l

Beginners boards

Fanatic Viper

This board shows you how easy and nice windsurfing is! Soft deck makes your first step very comfortable even if you fall down!
Available sizes: 190l, 220l

Starboard Start

The board that allows you to ride for the first time in less than 60 minutes! That’s impressive!
Very wide, stable, with soft deck brings only good feelings also for the most heavy surfers!
Available sizes: 238, 246l

Starboard Rio

The go-to board for entry level windsurfers. Very stable, with big volume, very easy-going. Perfect for making first steps. One of the easiest boards to get in to the footstraps which allows you to make progress and early planning!
Available size: 259l

Kids boards

Fanatic Ripper

Exciting, maneuverable compact entry level and fully dedicated board for kids. Perfect for sharing windsurfing with all the family.
Available size: 112l

Sails available in Prasonisi Center

Duotone sails

E- Type

The fastest sail ever!
The E_TYPE is exactly the type of sail to help windsurfing regain its real fascination. Rigs without a sweat, takes off and gets going without pumping. Windsurfing has never been so relaxed and exciting at the same time!
Available sizes: 5,4m2 - 8,2m2

Super Session

Ultimate freewave sail!
New sail from Duotone! Perfect combination of easy of handling with a sensationally crisp direct riding feel. Creating absolute control in all situations and the confidence to push forward. The SUPER SESSION lets you control wind and waves confidently even under the harshest conditions.
Available sizes: 4,0m2 - 5,6m2

Super Hero

The most universal 4-batten wave sail!
The consistent evolution of the legendary HERO makes the SUPER HERO the ultimate World Cup wave sail with an extremely wide range of use.
Available sizes: 3,4m2 - 5,7m2


The first sail fully dedicated for smaller – frame riders!
The brand-new NOW for the very first time a very modern sail, which was tailored specifically to the stature and strengths of smaller frame riders. Of course, with all quality features and the performance of all our sails. According to the motto: the best for everyone!
Available sizes: 2,8m2 - 4,4m2

Severne sails

Overdrive M1

The OverDrive M1 focuses on reaching speed with increased twist and less back-hand pressure. A lighter weight means improved handling characteristics.
A moderate width sleeve, 7 battens and 3 cams provide draft stability through a huge wind range.
Available size: 7,8m2


Engineered for performance, the NCX defines the no-cam freerace category.
Widely recognized as the best no-cam freeride sail available, the NCX delivers accessible race sail performance without cams. Combined with the shock-absorbing properties of a no-cam sail, this means a huge wind range. NCX has impeccable handling to control all that speed.
Available in sizes: 6,0m2 - 8,0m2


BThe Convert is a fully-featured freeride sail. An obvious choice for any progressing windsurfer, the Convert is purpose built to be easy to use and weight is kept to a minimum. Easy to ride, light and stable – your ride will be very relaxing.
Available sizes: 4,2m2 - 8,5m2


The Gator sail range covers every type of windsurfing conditions from around the globe. From lightwind freeriding to high-wind blasting. The core principles are durability, maneuverability and a consistent feel across all sizes.
Available sizes: 4,0m2 - 6,5m2


5-listwowy żagiel z kategorii wave z doskonałym połączeniem mocy i kontroli. Zaprojektowany dla maksymalnej stabilności i zakresu wiatru. Dzięki wysokiej jakości materiałom jest to jeden z najsolidniejszych żagli na rynku, będąc jednocześnie jednym z najlżejszych.
Dostępne rozmiary: 3,5m2 - 5,3m2


Zaprojektowany pod kątem ergonomii małego windsurfera. Specjalnie dostosowany do lekkich osób. Dzięki temu nawet najmłodsi mogą przekraczać swoje granice!
Dostępne rozmiary: 2,0m2 - 4,1m2

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Prasonisi Club
from 35€
per night
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7 days of windsurfing
with insurance
from 280€
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Prasonisi Toyota Since Forever
Write to us Write to us
Beach office: +30 694 368 2165
Reservations: +30 694 329 6694